I’ve been working on my various C/C++ single header libraries some over the Christmas break, and I thought I’d just jot down the improvements I’ve made in a post.

process.h -> subprocess.h

I’ve had a long standing complaint that the name process.h conflicted with a Windows system header. I’ve decided (after a good three years of indecision mind you) to just rename the header and the entry points to subprocess.h instead.

This isn’t a perfect solution, but it avoids me having to namespace my headers using my own name (which as a Scotsman I just can’t quite stomach for some reason).


I added the ability to assert/expect on pointers types, which was a longstanding annoyance. So the following now works:

int* a, *b;
ASSERT_EQ(a, b);

I’ve also made it so that on GCC/Clang with C, or with C++11 using auto, you can perform checks on void-pointers, and things of array type:

static int data[42];

void* a;
ASSERT_EQ(a, data);

I also made the testing of the --list-tests option that was contributed by ldrumm (which required spawning a separate process) work on Windows and macOS too by using my subprocess.h.

I also added a product page for utest.h to help me try and advertise it more greatly for people than before.


I fixed a bug with utf8casecmp in my UTF-8 parsing library and added some extra tests to stop the regression happening again.

The ‘bug’ wasn’t really a bug in that the function behaved in a similar fashion to the specification of the GNU extension strcasecmp that it is based on, but it made sense to make utf8casecmp match what strcasecmp does.