I’ve always wanted to do the Advent of Code 2020 puzzles as a way to wind down in the run up to Christmas, but never quite got my act in gear to do it.

This year I’m changing that, and I’ve just pushed my 1st day’s solutions to my AOC 2020 repository on GitHub. Solution parameters aside:

  • I’m doing this in Rust. I started writing it out in Zig but honestly the docs are nowhere near as clear as with Rust, and the tooling isn’t there. There is a more general point here about how much effort it takes for languages to achieve that status (and how much we have Mozilla to thank for doing Rust by themselves for so blooming long to get it amazing!).
  • I’ve just created a simple command line app that you can do cargo run and it’ll print the solution to the command line.
  • I’m pretty sure there will be a more optimal way to do what I’ve done, I’m really using this as a way to polish up my Rust skills some more!

You can check out the https://github.com/sheredom/AOC2020 if you are interested in my progress, check in tomorrow for those solutions. Tioraidh bye!